Delightfully Different

Landbay is no ordinary lender. In fact, they act more like a customer experience organisation than anything else. Landbay’s vision is simple: to reimagine the buy-to-let marketplace. To do that, they needed a brand that cuts through tired category associations and behaviours to engage a new generation of landlords and lenders.

Brand behaviour

Landbay was made to be different. Our task was to turn that difference into market dominance, and to create a brand with a look and feel like no other - proving that although mortgages may be fundamental, they can also be fun.

Central to the development of a new brand was that it integrates fully with Landbay’s bespoke platform - a digital portal, merging the talents of underwriters, developers and technologists in service of a better broker experience.

At the same time, it was essential that we bring Landbay’s unique culture to the fore. The solution, in the end, was to establish six central brand behaviours from which every decision or action could be taken.

One-of-a-kind experience

It didn’t take long for people both inside and out of the business to embrace these behaviours. Our focus now turned to developing a brand which expressed Landbay’s unique promise to the market.

This brand had to represent and champion Landbay’s ability to bring together data, creativity and expertise to originate products and experiences that empower and delight. Experiences which, in short, pave the way for a more inclusive, more rewarding private rental sector.


When it came to visualising the brand, we were inspired by real-life objects and textures from around the home. From there, we designed a library of 3D shapes that increase in complexity to mirror the nature of the mortgage products, ranging from a simple sphere to a more complex spiral.

As a result, the world of Landbay, in stark contrast to the often dull, grey and flat mortgage landscape, is now thrilling, vibrant and immersive. Lending never looked, or felt, so good.