Micro power,
macro impact

For NPP (Natural Plant Protection), we built more than a brand – we created a new way of thinking about bioscience. One that will have a profound impact on plants, people and the planet.

Restoring balance to Earth

The world is over-farmed, over-populated, and over-stretched. NPP believes in putting the planet back in balance. It does this by harnessing the power of small to make a big difference.

Biosolutions are natural products that enhance crop health. They’re so tiny they can’t be seen by the naked eye – yet these interventions protect crops for generations, bring resilience to farmers’ lives and help agriculture to become more sustainable. Macro impact from micro power.

Meet the Micros

‘Micros’ are the characters we developed to bring the world of NPP to life. They invite new conversations about sustainability, educating farmers and consumers about what biosolutions do: creating healthier soils for higher yields with less impact, meaning more sustainable farms.

NPP’s optimistic take on the global agricultural system promises change. People and planet in harmony with one another. Nature as it should be.