Making small farmers around the world resilient

Agriculture is an inherently uncertain business. is changing the game, creating a digital platform to help small farmers reduce risk and build resilience.
‘With v3 has created a brand that stands out in our sector as optimistic and vibrant, and which has become the foundation for how we help farms and farmers to prosper and thrive.'

Fairer farming

Weather, politics and changing technology makes farming a difficult industry. For small farms in particular, it is hard for them to survive one year to the next. is a digital platform that levels the playing field, by offering access to finance, technology and buyers. From lower cost crop solutions, to drones and autonomous vehicles, the app makes it easier for farmers to get the inputs, tools and advice they need to prosper and thrive.

Brighter outcomes. Guaranteed

Our creative idea, ‘Brighter futures’, reinforces this. By being able to help small farmers identify potential problems, advise on what needs to be done, and monitor personalised solutions, provides everything they need at every stage of the crop cycle.

It is also making agriculture more sustainable. It is the first non-forest agriculture business to pay carbon credits. It’s #EndtheBurn campaign has prevented over 500,000 acres of crop residue being burned, meaning healthier skies in northern India. And its Women in Agriculture program is empowering women by providing them with skills and opportunities to work.

The brand is delivering brighter, more resilient futures for farmers, communities and food systems across the world.