A universal brand for a universal future of commerce

Ahead of Payoneer's IPO, we reimagined the cross-border payments platform as the world’s go-to partner for digital commerce everywhere. Our bold identity symbolises Payoneer’s place at the very heart of the new global economy: for everyone, everywhere. More than a logo, it was designed to inspire all those connected to the brand to strive towards a truly universal future for commerce.
“As we enter the public markets and look ahead, our powerful new brand has been designed by v3 to keep driving the business forward while keeping us true to our purpose."Scott Galit, CEO, Payoneer

The potential to empower billions

Israeli-born, New York-headquartered Payoneer has been pioneering borderless payments since the dawn of digital commerce. Today, it’s used in over 200 territories, has five million customers, and the vast international ecosystem it engineers has the potential to empower billions to do business globally as easily as they do locally.

Revered for its integrity and innovation, Payoneer is one of the most admired organisations within fintech. Its brand, however, lagged behind its brilliance. Our new brand idea not only captures Payoneer’s unique position in the market, but serves as a platform for the business – and its millions of customers and partners – to realise their potential in the new global economy.

A universe of opportunities

We developed a brand story that reflects the business Payoneer has become. No longer solely focused on payments, it unites the brand’s unmatched offering under a more universal, inclusive and empowering expression that connects with the growing expectations of its customers.

The world was already standing on the brink of a technological revolution. With the shared experience of the pandemic accelerating the move towards a more interconnected, digital world, Payoneer is now at the epicentre of something huge. A networked ecosystem of business and platforms. A global perspective. A universe of opportunities, open to all.

A truly universal brand

Payoneer’s new identity is for everyone, everywhere. So we built a truly universal brand that symbolises the universal future of commerce it stands for. A spectrum of colours rather than just one. An infinite circle for its symbol. A typeface that works in any language. And the flexibility and freedom to work in any market, any country, anywhere.

Launching at the same time as its IPO, this bold expression is just the beginning for the new, universal Payoneer. More than just an identity, it’s a powerful statement of intent at a unique moment in time. This is a brand with the technology, connections and confidence to unlock the boundless potential of billions around the globe.