Thinking out of the office

From corporate ladder to entrepreneurial lattice, technology is globalising and networking our working lives – the ‘gig’ economy is booming. Our expectations for the role work plays in our lives is changing too, we admire the Danes for their relentless ‘Arbejdsglaede’ and increasingly, work is who we are. Regus provides office space but there is an opportunity to be so much more to people in a changing world of work.
When work has become about personal growth and fulfilment, the conversation is much bigger than office space.
Go Tokyo Advertising board

How do you switch from selling office space to experts on the future of work?

Consider what work will look like in 10 years’ time and the conversation changes from “how much space do you need?” to “how can we help you be happier and more successful?” With this thought, Regus could own the future of work.

Doing the best work of your lives

‘To empower people to do the best work of their lives’ positions Regus at the crossroads of people, technology, environments and expert advice. The campaign, ‘Go Regus’, a big, bold point of view that allows them, with internal purpose and new identity, to be global leaders in the new world of work.

Group profit up by 37%

In the year following the repositioning, group revenue increases to 15.9% and operating profit to 37%. As Regus grows, we help roll out new ideas like work pods at airports and help target specific industries and sectors with carefully defined sub-brands. Regus is now an invaluable partner to start-ups and multinationals alike, helping millions of people achieve their ambitions and aspirations.

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