Scar Free

The Scar Free Foundation rebrand. Behind every scar, there’s a story

Imagine a world without scars. A world where people don’t have to face the physical and psychological trauma of burns, attacks, cancer and more. We rebranded The Scar Free Foundation to help them realise this future.
“v3 overhauled our brand, including a brilliantly executed name change. The impact has been significant and immediate. It was because of “Scar Free” that we were able to recruit high-profile Trustees. We also had our best fundraising year in 2018, securing in excess of £6.5m (normally in the annual range of £1.5m). I put much of that success down to the work v3 did for us.”Brendan Eley, CEO The Scar Free Foundation

Working towards a world without scars

The Healing Foundation were a charity who help to fund vital research into scarless healing – an idea that the scientific community believes could be the biggest breakthrough since antibiotics or anaesthetic.

The only problem was, no one really knew that’s what The Foundation stood for. With a misleading name, they were in danger of being misunderstood. And their vital work, in danger of not receiving enough donations.

The story behind the scar

So we didn’t propose a one-off fundraising appeal, as their initial brief asked. Instead, we created a new brand that heroed the idea of a scar-free world. A whole new mission, vision, look and feel. Even a new name.

And so ‘The Healing Foundation’ became ‘The Scar Free Foundation’. A simple, clear declaration of what they stood for. Our creative idea was ‘Behind Every Scar, There’s A Story’. By honing in on passion and positivity, we took the Foundation forward towards a scar-free future.

From fundraising to the future

With an ambitious target of raising £25 million over the next five years, our new brand would be immediately under the spotlight. Our first test – a fundraiser at St James’ Palace. The result – over £1m raised from a single event.

But money was only ever going to be part of the measure of success. The new brand lit a fire under the organisation, reigniting their drive and passion. And most importantly for those affected by scars, The Scar Free Foundation signals a new, more hopeful future.

“Our Staff, Trustees and Volunteers are now as clear about our messaging as they are proud. v3 are responsible for that.”Brendan Eley, CEO The Scar Free Foundation