One of the few unicorn tech companies in the UK

A new money movement for the people. We helped Transferwise move from start-up to unicorn business – valued at over $3.5 billion. By taking control back from the banks and putting it firmly in the hands of the people, we helped create a new movement. We called it ‘money without borders’.
“Thanks to v3 we now have an engaging, relevant and distinctive brand that will continue to grow with us and reach even wider audiences.”Taavet Hinrikus, CEO, Transferwise

A brand to grow up with

When we first met Transferwise, they were a one-year-old start-up with one goal. Move money across borders. Without the crippling fees.

We helped grow the business into a billion-dollar company, without losing what made them who they are – leaders of a financial revolution.

The fast flag: a symbol of movement

Our idea was ‘money across borders’. Just as people move freely, we imagined a future where their money moves along with them at real-time exchange rates. A spirit with the power to capture imaginations across the world.

Instead of a bank-bashing, problem-focused brand, we positioned Transferwise as pioneers of money positivity.

We invented the ‘Fast Flag’ to be a symbol of this movement. It’s more than just a part of our logo. It’s something customers can proudly hold up as a marker of a better financial world.

Power to the people

Working closely with the core and digital teams, we created a brand that was authentically Transferwise – trustworthy innovators with a world-changing vision. Together, we’ve grown Transferwise into a mature money transfer service.

Now with funding from Andreesen Horrowitz and a successful American expansion, Transferwise continues to redefine the field and inspire start-ups everywhere.