The possibility platform

Sequoia-backed Yubi is a major Indian fintech, using its disruptive technology to democratise lending. Yubi is positioned as a ‘possibility platform’, a springboard to boost opportunities – for individuals and every type of business, in India, and from there to the world.

Lending power to the people

India’s low debt to GDP ratio, along with the fact that sophisticated lending tools are only available to larger businesses, means that India’s potential is not converted into growth. Yubi is on a mission to change that. Through its trusted platform, it offers a portfolio of responsible lending and investment products, and is rapidly expanding into new services and markets. This will help all businesses get the finance they need to expand – helping the Indian economy to grow too.

One of the country’s most eye-catching ‘unicorns’, Yubi received $137m in its most recent funding round from Sequoia, and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, both believing in its ability to open up accessible lending to every Indian business.

For everyone, everywhere

We repositioned Yubi from being a debt marketplace anchored in the financial sector, to a connections company focused on people. A ‘possibility platform’ unleashing people’s potential, and offering amazing opportunities.

The new brand strategy and design system has the idea of power of three at its heart, representing the dynamic connection of lender, borrower, and customer. The new name, inspired by the idea of ubiquity, represents the flexibility the platform offers, through its rapidly expanding portfolio of products and services. In an otherwise robotic fintech market, the name offers some much-needed warmth and humanity.

“We operate in a unique category, being the first and only ones globally to have an integrated platform approach to Fintech. Thanks to v3, we have a brand architecture and identity, which serves both the current portfolio, and our expansion goals.”Karanpreet Bindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Yubi