Brand invention

What makes your brand distinctive and relevant? We find what differentiates you from your competitors and meets a real need in the marketplace. Then we bring these elements to life through thoughtful strategy, stunning expression and meaningful experiences. All so that you, your customers and stakeholders can get the most value out of your brand.

Showing Brand invention

Sky Glass

Welcome to the beating heart of home

This is Glass, Sky’s first ever TV. The latest technology meets the warmest human touch to create the dream entertainment experience in your living room. From product experience to brand identity, w shaped the meaning behind Glass.
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Bip brand launch: Credit that’s as simple as it sounds

Bip makes credit simpler. But they needed a game-changing brand to challenge the old approach of other credit companies. Together, we positioned Bip as ‘disruptively simple’. This idea informed every aspect of the new brand, with a fresh tone of voice, a dynamic digital design and memorable sonic branding.
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A new on-demand streaming service

Back in 2012, Now TV was born. Our challenge was to create a brand that would stand out. That had teeth in a world that was feeling all together a bit dull. We created a cheeky challenger. One who could go after the audiences that everyone else had forgotten about.
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From tech start-up to sleep pioneers

We helped Dreem transition from neuro-tech start-up to total sleep platform. Boosted by the best brains in the business, Dreem are now helping one billion people wake up to a brighter, happier and healthier tomorrow.
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Sky Q

Get closer to the content you love

We’ve been working to promote Sky Q since they launched in 2016. Our most recent campaign brought more people closer to the content they love, by putting the benefits of Sky Q ‘all in one place’.
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Great Green Wall

Growing a global force for good

We needed a brand to show the world how the Great Green Wall is fighting against drought and famine across 16 African countries. With the UN, we launched ‘Growing a World Wonder’ – a virtual reality campaign to share the stories of local people involved in the project.
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Making credit fair and accessible

For a lot of people, credit is an exclusive world they just can’t get into. Aqua was born to help people build their credit score, whilst removing the stigma and embarrassment around credit. We created a brand that was helpful, empathetic and positive. To bring it to life, we personified these values in an endearing character – Aqua.
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The birth of a national movement

Jio was an Indian communications network, with the aim of bringing cheap internet access to the whole of India. But size was just the beginning. We knew that Jio meant potential – and that the company represented ambition and opportunity for a whole nation. So we created a brand with this ideal at its core.
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Marks & Spencer

Sparking deeper loyalty

We helped M&S launch their new loyalty proposition – to help drive deeper and more meaningful relationships with customers. From naming to internal behaviours, we helped the high street retailer stay relevant in a rapidly changing landscape.
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Sky Mobile

A Smarter Network

We helped Sky Mobile shake up the network with a forward-looking brand that puts choice in the hands of the people. Together, we positioned the brand beside the best tech players in the business.
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Internet Matters

Keeping Kids Safe Online

We teamed up with the UK’s biggest internet companies to create Internet Matters – a new brand giving parents the support and information they need to protect their kids online.
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Sky Kids

A grown-up brand to entertain children

With Sky Kids, we created an entertainment brand that gives kids a safe place to play and learn. Our creative idea, ‘Let’s Play’, guided a brand experience that’s distinctively Sky – but with a little messiness.
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Levelling the playing field

Farming is not for the faint-hearted, especially as every single one of us relies on what they produce. We worked with UPL bring to life a new platform that helps increase a small farmer’s chances of thriving –
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