We design for the digital era. Our design, UI and experience teams make products and services that serve people-first.

Showing Digital

Just Eat

Changing takeaway behaviours

We worked with Just Eat to design an app where customers can explore neighbourhood cuisines, order ahead and track delivery to their doorstep. The result? A whole community of food lovers finding their flavours.
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A one-stop shop in one simple site

Switching your mobile, broadband or electricity feels like boring life admin. But imagine coming to a place that understands who you are, what you want and how to give you it in the fewest number of clicks possible. That was the vision we gave Uswitch. And to make it happen, we gave them a simple, authoritative design, UI and UX. Collaboratively, we implemented these systems for a new kind of switching experience.
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Realising ‘money across borders’

‘Money across borders’ implies a seamless, digital experience. And we helped the Transferwise digital team embed effortless experiences at the heart of their new brand.
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Effortless experiences in entertainment

Creating compelling digital experiences and putting the customer at the heart of every touchpoint is crucial in on-demand telly – where ease and reward are key customer concerns and competition is high.
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Sky Kids

Designing for kids and parents

To create an experience that kids and parents love, we designed Sky Kids with a character-driven search. Guided by their Sky Buddy, kids can see their favourite shows, characters and games come to life – within the control limits parents set.
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Sky Zero

A platform to launch an ambition

Sky want to be net zero carbon by 2030. We helped them launch this vision with a microsite and digital experience that showed the scale and power of their ambition.
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Adapting to every website

The success of the Trustpilot brand depends on its power to work for every single website. We developed a two-sided digital platform model in the form of the ‘TrustBot’ widget – designed to keep pace with any site – and the ‘Find Reviewer’ tool – putting businesses and reviewers in direct contact.
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Bip brand launch: Credit that’s as simple as it sounds

Bip was born digital. Cardless and unique, it’s built from the experience first. UI-centric icons. App interactions that put users in control. And a digital-first ethos that informs everything from colour palette to media buys. Bip is intuitive and thoughtful across every interaction. Cardless credit that puts customers in control.
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